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Andrea is one of those secret squirrel types who plans ahead and organises birthday presents well in advance of the event.   I could probably learn from her…

So, for Shane’s 30th birthday, Andrea organised for the Pupparazzi to pop over to Shane’s place to photograph his beloved French Bulldog Lilly, while he was at work.

Lilly cannot wait for Shane to return home every day and watches for him longingly out of the window so we grabbed a few frames of that cuteness, before moving onto the park for some action photos.  Once home, she was ready for a lay down so we also got some pretty cute shots of her getting cosy under the doona.


It was pretty fun being sneaky, especially knowing that Lilly would have been trying to snitch on us later! Happy Birthday Shane!

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We’ve all seen them.  You know the ones I mean.

The dogs that scamper along looking adorable and all you want to do is scoop them up and cuddle and nuzzle them until the owner starts whacking you with an umbrella so that put their pooch down. Or the police arrive.  Fortunately my local officers are an understanding bunch.

My local police officers should probably increase patrols in my area as Zach is virtually a neighbour of mine.  I have the exciting possibility of bumping into him each time I take a stroll in my ‘hood. He’s evaded me so far since our photography session, but the scoop and cuddle can come when one least expects it so watch out little fella….

While you won’t get to enjoy your own squeeze of this gorgeous Beagle, you’re more than welcome to drool over some photos, but please check your shirtfront before leaving the house!

Check out his little sad face at the end of the shoot once the lead is back on and he realises that he is going home. So cute!


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In my repertoire of strange noises to attract a dogs attention, I now have a crying baby. Yes, a crying baby.

Winston the French Bulldog doesn’t respond to your usual cutesy noises or names that often work with getting their attention, he wants small humans. Fresh ones.

Had I known of his considerable interest in small people I might have avoided using the home of several children as a location! As you can probably guess, he was on the lookout for them, and if he couldn’t see them he was searching them out with his face firmly pressed to the window. Naturally, a middle aged pet photographer wasn’t going to be of much interest to him!

When he could no longer hear or smell the little people, his interest in the little people finally waned and Winston started to co-operate a little more. That said, I’m not sure having his photo is top of his to-do list – his Saturday mornings are definitely for brunch and being social!


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I’ve only ever crashed a party uninvited once before. It was when I was living in London and my flatmates and I were enjoying a few snifters on a Saturday evening on the third floor of our building. As the evening wore on, we spied a house party across the street in the opposite building. It was almost an invitation. Almost.

So, drinks in hand we wandered across the road and made our entrance to a rather cosy flat that was rammed with people we didn’t know. We had a few chats with random guests, clinked glasses with some others, grinned like idiots at each other and then went home. At the time, it seemed like the funniest thing in the world.

Now, I don’t get many crashers on my shoots, but occasionally you get a random passing dog who just steals the show and stands between the camera and the dog I’m supposed to be photographing.
Bandit was THAT dog! It was during a shoot with Abby & MacKenzie at the Sandringham dog beach and Bandit took a fancy to the squeaky toy belonging to Abby, a Border Collie and MacKenzie, a Golden Retriever.

Fortunately we had shot most of what we needed so Bandit’s interruption wasn’t a problem – it was more like the entertainment had arrived! Handsome entertainment at that!

Now, I’m keen to track down Bandit’s owners so I can send them a photo or two – they might as well enjoy them rather than them sitting on the Pupparazzi hard drive! Can you help? Do you recognise this handsome hound? If so, please CONTACT ME or leave a comment on the facebook page.


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Are you thinking of getting a dog as a family pet? Have no idea where to start looking or what breed is going to suit you best?  Then allow me to suggest a Spoodle.  After many pet photography sessions, they are the one reliably happy and gentle dog I keep encountering.  Sure, all breeds have their positive points but they have more plus points than most! Read on…

The spoodle is a special breed of dog that loves attention, family activities and humans in general. These dogs are low to non-shedding, making them a favourite for those owners who are prone to allergies.

Spoodle puppies take on the intelligence of poodles as well as the devoted and outgoing nature of the cocker. In general, the spoodles are either first generation, which is a pure Mini Poodle crossed with a pure Cocker Spaniel or a second generation, a spoodle crossed with a spoodle.

Physical Appearance

Appearance of spoodles can vary depending on which parent the puppy will take after and the main goal is to breed for great temperament instead of a certain look. But, there are several characteristics of the appearance of spoodles that are very common. The coat of spoodle may be feathered or curly. The spoodle’s body is very strong.

Most of the time, spoodles have a very reasonable muzzle and very rounded head. They have soft and long ears, usually set well above their eyes, hanging low past the chin.

These cute dogs are of medium size, typically 35 to 40 centimeters in height with a weight of around 10 to 15 kilograms fully grown. They are semi-longhaired dogs with a beautiful long tail.

What is a Spoodle’s Temperament?

Spoodles are known for being very affectionate, intelligent and outgoing dogs. More often than not, these dogs are very welling to please.

If you are considering a spoodle as a pet, you possibly already know that the spoodle is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle. These two breeds both love attention and people so you can expect that spoodle will expect a double dose! Spoodles expect to be treated as part of your family and you have to make sure that you let them participate in the everyday activities of the family.

In terms of sociability, we see how sociable they are on our pet photography shoots, always wanting to participate and play with whoever is nearby. These sessions always turn up a bucketful of fun and playful photos.

Overall, spoodles have a great temperament and are really great dogs for families with children.


Spoodles need to be combed and brushed regularly. Spoodles are also low to non-shedding dogs but clipping is needed every now and then. The amount and frequency of grooming needed for a spoodle is going to depend on the coat’s length. Every coat type will need some form of grooming although spoodles that have longer coats must be brushed more often compared to dogs with clipped coats. These dogs also need their ears to be properly dried after taking a bath to best avoid infections. It is also great to introduce grooming to your dog from an early age to make this a pleasant experience for you and your pet at the same time.


Just like most cross breeds, the spoodle benefit from the hybrid vigour, making them less susceptible to health issues associated with the narrow gene pools which is commonly the case with pure breeds. You need to pay special attention to their ears which might get infected and you also need to watch out their eyes for weeping. Ears and eyes should be kept dry and clean. Like other dogs with long ears, they can also be prone to infections of the ear. Spoodles might also suffer from PRA or progressive retinal atrophy, a genetic eye disease.


These medium sized dogs with a life span of 12 to 15 years can adapt well to average sized backyards. However, remember that they have loads of energy and it is recommended to take them for a daily walk. Most dogs won’t complain about having more than one walk a day so taking them out before you leave for work is a great idea too.

How Much Does Pet Photography Cost? Contact the Pupparazzi! Read Client Reviews Cute Photos of Dogs More Pet Photography