How to get the most from your Melbourne pet photography session

So, you’ve booked your pet photography session with the Pupparazzi, now to make some preparations for it so your dog photos look stunning!

Firstly, a well groomed dog is always going to look better on camera than one that has been rolling around in the back yard mud. That said, if you’re darling pooch is a scruffy fleaball with crazy looking fur and that’s how you would like him or her to look, then that’s cool – let us know! After all, we’re all individuals – that goes for our four legged friends too!

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Before the session, take your dog for a walk to take the edge off their enthusiasm. They’ll be excited to see us at first but once they have had a good sniff they’ll be ready to get down to business.

We try not to rely on treats to catch our sitters attention, but if your dog isn’t proving attentive (even after we’ve used all our best tricks!) then we’ll just have to bribe them. A few dog treats usually does the trick, but don’t go overboard on them as we don’t want your dog over indulging!

Often the perfect location for pet portraits is your backyard as it offers some security as we know that the dog can’t take off and the surroundings are familiar to them so they won’t constantly be trying to investigate things whilst we are working.
Obviously if you live in an apartment or your backyard is a bit sketchy then we should check out your local park, beach or somewhere they like hanging out.

We’re happy to try several different locations during the session time as this also gives you several different ‘looks’.
If your pooch loves hanging out in the house then we can also photograph them there if you have a good source of natural light such as a large window.

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your pet will be too.

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When can you photograph my dog?
When would you like to do it? We’ll do our very best to fit in with you! Weekdays are usually a little better and easier to fit clients in than at weekends.

Do you supply treats?
No, as we know that all pets have their own preferences and dietary requirements so whats good for one dog isn’t always good for another. We ask you to bring a small selection of their usual treats and a favourite toy or tennis ball.

How long will it take?
We suggest allowing an hour to two hours for a good selection of photos with different backgrounds and styles. That said, we often have everything wrapped up within an hour as we’re great at putting your dog at ease and getting the shots we need with minimum fuss!


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