How to photograph your dog

Your dogs are special, and like all members of the family, deserve to have their best moments captured on camera.
Many people find photographing their pets a challenge. How, then, to make sure that you photograph the very best of your furry friend? Here, Melbourne’s most PUPular pet photographers, Pupparazzi offer a few pointers…

Clean Them Up
Make sure that your dog is looking stylish! Give your dog a thorough scrubbing and good brush to make sure that their fur is lustrous and shiny. Muddy clumps of fur don’t make for great photos!

Action Shots

Photos that show your dog having fun on the beach or at the park are timelessly fun. The movement of your buddy in these shots gives them a vibrant, youthful and dynamic look. And you don’t have to worry about keeping them still! Shots of playing catch or Frisbee make for exciting photo moments.

Tire them Out Beforehand
If you’re finding it hard to keep Fluffy still for that important static shot, play a game of catch before the shoot. This will calm them down considerably, and ensure that they are relaxed and happy in front of the camera.

Food is the ultimate go-to means of keeping your dog focused for photos. His or her favourite snacks work as a great reward for staying still or for performing stunts. This also works for his/her favourite accessory or chew-toy.

Create the Perfect Background
Don’t neglect what’s behind your dog in the photo. Select a clean, well-decorated background environment for the shoot. Draping a colourful but plain sheet behind them will also work. This will draw all of the focus to your furry pal.

Candid Shots

For charming, intimate pictures of your dog, consider taking their picture when they don’t know you’re around. You’ll be able to capture some timeless shots of him eating, sleeping or playing with their favourite toy

Be Flexible

Don’t get your heart set on the same position. If it’s not working after ten minutes or so of trying, scrap it and think of something new. This will keep the novelty alive for both you and your dog. It will also keep frustration at bay!

Go for the details

Innovative pictures include close-ups of your dog’s face, as well as of the nose or paw. These little detailed shots give a fresh take to the whole notion of pet photography, and can also be very sweet and intimate.

Hit the Floor
Try and take all photos at the same eye-level as your furry buddy. This strategy will ensure that they are captured from the best possible dimension. Indeed, pets also have their fair share of unflattering angles!  Dog beds Australia also make some great bean bags which are designed for your pet dog, but if you’re going to be getting down low for that magic shot, then you should use it too!  I think you’ll find they’re pretty comfortable!

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