Jet & Max

With their humans Lee & Tim, the beautiful Border Collies Jet & Max are soon to be embarking on a grand adventure, relocating from the Mornington Peninsula to live in Virgina, USA.

Exciting though it is, to be moving somewhere new, the humans wanted to capture some family photos of home so they have something to remember Melbourne and the Peninsula area by once they are settled in their new home.

For our pet photography session at the beach, Melbourne put on it’s usual unpredictable weather, with a little wind and grey cloud followed by a short intense burst of light at the end of the day, which was perfectly timed for the family portraits with the dogs and humans.

They’ll be able to pretend to their American dog friends that we always have fine weather here in Australia!

We’re looking to photograph more Mornington Peninsula dogs, so if you live in that area and would like us to visit you at your home or favourite spot for a runabout then please do get in touch.


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