In my repertoire of strange noises to attract a dogs attention, I now have a crying baby. Yes, a crying baby.

Winston the French Bulldog doesn’t respond to your usual cutesy noises or names that often work with getting their attention, he wants small humans. Fresh ones.

Had I known of his considerable interest in small people I might have avoided using the home of several children as a location! As you can probably guess, he was on the lookout for them, and if he couldn’t see them he was searching them out with his face firmly pressed to the window. Naturally, a middle aged pet photographer wasn’t going to be of much interest to him!

When he could no longer hear or smell the little people, his interest in the little people finally waned and Winston started to co-operate a little more. That said, I’m not sure having his photo is top of his to-do list – his Saturday mornings are definitely for brunch and being social!

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