Woof-It Healthy Dog Treats

From time to time whilst we’re out on one of our pet photography bookings in and around Melbourne, we come into contact with another pet supplier.
It happened again a couple of weeks ago when we met with Beryl from Woof-It Healthy Dog Treats who enlisted the Pupparazzi for a few photos for the new website.

It’s always great meeting a fellow industry professional as it’s a chance to compare notes and experiences of the pet market as well as cross promote each others services and products, which is exactly what I’m about to do now!

Beryl has taken a product from an area of the pet food market that is already saturated and made it not only her own, but also original.
As we all know, dogs love treats and whilst it’s easy enough to pick them up at your local supermarket or pet food store, do you really know whats in them?

Most of us take note of what is in our own food, so why should our pets food be any different?

woof it healthy dog treats

We want them to remain fit and healthy so why wouldn’t you choose the finest, healthiest ingredients?
Well, this is where Beryl has come up with a really great product that is not only nutritious, but also delicious to both dogs and humans alike! Yes, some of her biggest fans happen to be human!

Made with finely chopped fresh vegetables and other yummy natural ingredients, these snacks are low calorie and are perfect for rewarding your dog at any time of day.

Now, I could tell you more about the delicious Woof-It home baked snacks, but I think one of the outtake photos from the shoot does it better than any words can.

A bag of the treats were being held behind the camera as a way to catch the dogs attention. Let’s just say, they didn’t hold their pose for long!

pet photography melbourne

So, if your furry friend loves a tasty reward (which dog doesn’t, right?!) then I suggest you make your way over to Beryl’s store or catch her at one of the local markets listed on the website.


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