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Simon Woodcock of Melbourne pet photographers Pupparazzi® is an experienced professional phodographer who has said farewell to the mutts of London to live with the showdogs of Melbourne.

Whilst in London, Simon honed his photographic eye working for a series of national newspapers and magazines including the international Eukanuba magazine.

It was here, that his love of dogs and pet photography really took off and he started enjoying working with the dogs more than the people who often came with them!

Whilst animal photography is still his passion, he can also be found photographing events, landscapes and sometimes even people! Just don’t tell the animals!

Crufts Standard Photography At Scooby Doo Prices!


Pupparazzi® is a registered trademark. Pupparazzi Pet Photography is a registered business name held by K L Lord & S A Woodcock, ABN 86 963 290 519.  The business has also previously traded under the business name of Pupparazzi Pet Photography Melbourne.

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