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Indie keeps two humans, both of whom she has trained up to a very high standard of both hygiene and behaviour.

Being the smart dog that she is, she sends them out 5 days a week to earn money in order to pay for her lavish lifestyle of liver treats, regular grooming and long walks in the park.

Not only that, but she also had a word with a relative about the perfect Christmas present for her family. A Pupparazzi pet photography gift voucher.  Yup, as I said, she’s smart.

Here are the results.  Personally, my favourites are her recreation of a scene from The Lion King where she stares across the arid plains as well as the one in which she is giving me a little wink when nobody else is looking…

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Annie Marie Peters - October 29, 2014 - 5:35 am

What a beautiful girl she is! I’ve actually been looking for a pet photographer in Melbourne. I have a new pup who needs some camera time. Do you guys make house calls?

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