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It’s hard to believe that this gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog named Hugo is still a puppy, but he is.  Lying on my stomach with my camera, watching his giant frame advance towards me along the beach, I was wishing he was still a little smaller than he currently is!

Like an outback road train, he takes a few extra metres to come to a complete stop and I’m pretty sure that if he plonks himself on top of you, you’re not moving until he decides when he has finished giving your face a good lick!

Fortunately, as is common with the Bernese Mountain Dog breed, Hugo is a very friendly chap so I had no fear of him flattening on me on one of his runs whilst I photographed him at Sandringham Dog Beach last month.  He is really well trained too, so taking photos was a real pleasure – check out his regal pose with the crossed paws (we’ll ignore the fact that he rolled around in the dirt immediately before the shot!).

Pet Photographers sandringham dog beachPet Photographers sandringham dog beachPet Photographers in MelbournePet Photographers in MelbournePet PhotograpPet Photographers sandringham dog beachhers MelbournePet Photographers in MelbourneI love taking photos at the Sandringham beach and nearby area as it has many different opportunities for portraits ranging from the obvious beachside and pier to open parkland and wooded area. Plus there is a really great dog friendly cafe (Sandy Beach HQ) with good coffee and tasty breakfasts for recovering afterwards.

So, if you’re local to Brighton, Sandringham and the Bayside area and you’d like some photos of your dog please do give me a call on 0450 586 561 or CLICK HERE to book in your session – I’ll shout you a coffee and puppycino after!

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