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Why Cavoodles Make Such Good Pet Dogs

Also known as Cavadoodle, Cavipoo, Cavadoo, Cavapoddled and Cavapoo, the Cavoodle is one of the most famous and well loved small designer dog breed in Australia because of their outgoing temperaments, gentle nature and their strong desire to accompany the family during outings.

Cavoodles are a hybrid breed developed through crossing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, either miniature or toy size. It gives the Cavoodle with a bigger range of sizes to let the breed fit to an even bigger range of family circumstances.

The adorable little, fluffy and cute Cavoodle dogs are perfect for people of all ages and majority of lifestyles.

Most owners have reported that the most challenging part of owning a Cavoodle is going out for a walk without being stopped by the strangers who cannot help but to pat or compliment their dog.

Physical Description

The Cavoodle breed’s appearance may vary because parents are two different pure breeds. But, there are several characteristics of its appearance which are very common. The coat is no doubt the most distinctive characteristic of the breed. Both parents have luxurious coat so the coat of the breed is luxurious all the time. The coat’s texture may be feathered or curly. The breed’s body is also shorter than the average but they are very strong. The dogs have dark facial features which are usually brown in color. Their ears are also set well above their eyes, hanging low past the chin. Their neck is elongated, transitioning to its straight back. Their tail is along which commonly hangs freely past their hocks.


A definite characteristic of Cavoodle’s temperament is its gentle nature. Majority of the types must be sociable and easy going since both of its parents have such characteristics. It’s a playful breed that loves interacting with well-behaved kids. It attempts to protect its family members and it has patience. Since one of the parents is a Poodle, it might have a tendency to wish a significant amount of special treatment and attention.

Activity Level

Cavoodle is a dog that’s very intelligent and adores human companionship. It is best for small homes with small or no yard. They also do not require much exercise, yet it will benefit from a walk, particularly Cavoodles living in the apartments. They’re just as comfortable whether residing with an active family and spending time on the couch to watch TV.


Usually, Cavoodle is multi-colored. More often than not, Cavoodle predominant color is reddish brown or light brown with white markings, yet they can come in different colors that Poodles may be found in.

Grooming a Cavoodle

The required amount of grooming for Cavoodle will depend on the kind of coat. Every coat type will require grooming with non-shedding Cavoodles also having to be clipped as the fur doesn’t fall out. Such dogs with poodle like coats should be brushed often than a dog with cavalier like hair. Like every breed with floppy ears, Cavoodles have their ears dried properly after their bath to get rid any infection.

Please remember, owning a dog is a serious commitment and needs to be planned in advance and it’s not a great idea doing on a whim in a shopping centre. Take time to research responsible breeders and please avoid giving puppy farms your business.  Your local RSCPA is a great source of information for first time dog owners and experienced owners alike.

View photos of Cavoodles here.

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