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Red Dog

OK, so this isn’t actually Red Dog, but he does get mistaken for him alot by autograph hunters, the Pupparazzi etc – you know how it is!

His name is actually Wally, and he is an old farm dog who was saved from being shot by his owner Clare. He wasn’t much use on the farm as he was little too excitable instead of being obdeient.
Work isn’t for everyone, right?!

Clare and Wally are always accompanied by the tiny (but mighty!) Boo.
Boo doesn’t have a colourful backstory like Wally does, but does have a great name that originates in one of Clare’s favourite books, To Kill A Mockingbird. (And if you’re an indie kid from the 90s like I am, you’ll also know the much loved Brit band).

Here are a few photos from our recent shoot over in Yarraville

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Kym Westwood - October 29, 2013 - 6:39 am

Cute pics of my sisters dogs, or as she calls them,her kids.

Genna Newton-Lilley - October 29, 2013 - 6:44 am

Good on you Clare… the pics of your gorgeous babies….xoxo

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