Some of the world best pet photography

Love pet photography? Looking for some inspiration? Check out some of the worlds best pet photographers!

Elliot Erwitt is the Grandaddy of them all, with his cute but classic black and white documentary portraits often taken candidly and on the fly. For me, he is unsurpassed in terms of style. Perfect portraits without the performance!

William Wegman is another famous dog photographer based out of New York City, but has a slightly more quirky approach to things, often dressing his animals up in raincoats and clothing. Heavily stylized, posed and art directed, these certainly aren’t candid snaps. They are dogs pretending to be humans. For me, it’s not pet photography I enjoy viewing as it’s manipulative and a little bit weird…

So, you’ve seen the legends, how about meeting some of the more popular and everyday pet photographers from around the world today…

Cowbelly are based in Seattle and offer friendly portraits, as well as courses in learning how to become a photographer that specializes in pets.

Scruffy Dog
are based in Ontario, Canada and offer spectacular images of pets in stunning scenery around Canada. Check out the shots of the dogs in the forests. AMAZING!

Dana Cubbage roams the South Carolina region of the United States and is obviously a busy gal, combining weddings with pets. It could explain the natural elegance in some of her photos.

Zoo Studio are based in Brisbane, Queensland and are mainly studio based with very strong ‘head and shoulders’ portraits of the hounds. If I was a dog and needed a headshot for my passport or Linkedin profile I would visit them!

Charlotte Reeves
is based in Brisbane, Queensland too, but travels much of the Sunshine coast region and beyond. She brings a warm and sunny feel to the pet portraits.

Two GuineaPigs
run by JK Blackwell in Sydney have a really fun, quirky and candid style to their images. We always highly recommend them to our Sydney based friends.

If it’s a general wildlife photographer you’re after, Andy Rouse’s work is astounding. On top of that he is often said to be a top bloke with a charismatic personality.

Well, that’s just a small selection of some of the pet photographers from around the world that we admire. If you’re looking for a Melbourne based dog photographer then you know to call the Pupparazzi if you like your images relaxed, fun and full of your dogs personality.

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