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The 13 Project

Our dear friend Serena over at Pretty Fluffy has come up with this great idea to make the animal world a better place with just a few simple acts of kindness.

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Here is what Serena has to say:

The 13 Project is a Pretty Fluffy initiative that involves 13 acts of kindness towards animals before 2013. Inspired by my involvement in last year’s 12 before 2012 project, I wanted to make the tail end of 2013 count. We have exactly 13 weeks left of this year, so what better way of embarking on a list of 13 achievable and worthy goals before the year is out.

To join, all you have to do is come up with a list of up to 13 ways you can help animals before the end of 2013. You don’t need to be a millionaire, you don’t need to have a website, or be a member of a rescue organisation…All you need is the desire to make a difference. If you’re time poor, make your list just one goal – or 3 or 5 things.

I can’t stress enough, this project is NOT about being perfect. I wish I could be a foster parent, but my living situation just doesn’t allow it. I’d love to have a regular day where I volunteer at my local shelter, but my work schedule means that’s not possible. But, despite all this, I still CAN help. Is doesn’t matter how much you do, as long as you’re doing something. The main part of the exercise is committing to making a difference in the time we have left of 2013.

Think of the talents you have. Do you like to sew? Offer your services to a rescue club to make some ‘Adopt Me’ jackets for their dogs. Are you a whiz in the laundry? Take home a bag of washing from your local shelter. Do you bake? Why not hold a bakesale in support of your favourite animal charity. Do you spend waaay too much time on Facebook? Start sharing those rescue animal photos! The opportunities are endless.

You can read more about how to get involved with The 13 Project here.

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Pretty Fluffy - October 1, 2012 - 7:53 am

Thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to lots of happy animals on the receiving end of these goals 🙂

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