Playing Pupparazzi with your pet photos

What better way to prove our pets’ good looks than with a photo shoot? Unfortunately, taking photos of animals can be tricky. It’s hard for us to communicate exactly what we want from them in an unfamiliar situation. These tips will help you capture your furry friend’s personality with ease.

Be patient. Pets are known to have short attention spans. Use toys and treats to keep their eyes on you! Pro-tip: Grab a friend for extra help!
Dress your pet to impress. Make sure your pet’s hair is brushed, their nails are groomed and all of their eye crusties have been wiped clean.
Trust me; it’s a lot easier than Photoshop!

Use natural light. In addition to causing red-eye, your camera’s flash could scare your pet. Try going outside or having your photo shoot in a well-lit room near a large window.
To avoid washed-out pictures, shoot in the mornings or evenings, on slightly overcast days or in the shade on a bright day.
Get on their level. Get up close so your dog fills the entire frame. Most good pet photos aren’t taken from above, but from your pet’s eye level. Change your perspective and show us how they see the world!

Capture their personality. No one knows your pet better than you do! Take photos of them doing what makes them happiest, whether it’s chasing a squirrel or waiting for a belly rub. These photos will be the most honest and precious to you.

Pay attention to timing. If you want candid photos of your pet being active, take them before their afternoon walk! If you’d rather Sparky be poised and demure, it’s probably best to take them when he’s a little sleepier.

Get creative. Play with different focuses, perspectives and details. Who knows — that close up of your pup’s wet nose may end up being a framer!
Take lots of photos. Since shooting with a digital camera gives you almost unlimited freedom, there’s no reason not to take tons of photos! You can go through your collection later to choose the best ones.

I hope these tips help you capture your pet’s good side. Please feel free to share your pet’s most photogenic shot on our Facebook page.

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