What are the Best Dog Breeds for Children?


As child I can remember my Dad being resistant to us getting a family pet and always having an excuse as to why we shouldn’t get a cat or a dog. That all changed once we got our cat as part of the parent – kid deal when we moved to another part of the country.  From then on, he was in love with the cat and now even loves dogs too which I really couldn’t have predicted!  He’s even had his own pet photography session with my sister’s dog which I really didn’t see coming!!

Dogs can be the perfect best friends for both children and adults. Aside from their ability to offer unconditional love, dogs can also help teach kids a sense of cooperation and responsibility.

If you are planning to get a puppy as a new member of the family, it is important to consider not only your lifestyle but also the ages of your kids. There are dog breeds known for their endless patience while others are naturally protective while being playful around children.

Read on to discover some of the best dog breeds for children that you can consider as new family companions.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a great looking dog that will instantly remind you of white clouds. These pups have been highly acclaimed for many centuries. They were popular in French royal courts since the 16th century and they even managed to make their own mark as American circus dogs.

While other smaller dogs love spending their whole day lounging on the couch, the Bichon Frise is energetic enough to keep up even with the busiest families. They can be the ideal affectionate and loyal addition to the family provided that you spend some time and effort in consistent initial training and regular grooming.   If you love spending more time on the couch than at the park, these might not be the dogs for you!


Famous for being gentle and sweet pups that are always eager to please, Maltese dogs enjoy playing with children although they also feel contented with spending some downtime outdoors. The Malt-Tzu or Mal-Shi, the mixture of Maltese and Shih Tzu, is a type of hybrid breed that earns rave reviews from owners due to its good balance of gentleness and energy. Good for a run around, but also love a cuddle!


Sometimes called doxies or Weiner dogs, the Dachshund is packed with such a spunky personality in their small bodies. These lap dogs are known for their loyalty and are also highly acclaimed for being cuddlers that love showering their owners with lots of kisses. They hail from Germany wherein they were used for hunting badgers centuries ago. Miniature Dachshunds, on the other hand, were bred for hunting rabbits. They’re fun dogs and have a love of play.  If you’re hoping for a dog for long walks in the country, you’ll need a doggy backpack for when their little legs tire.

Boston Terrier

These canine buddies with their black and white color exude a boxer’s big-dog feel but in a tinier package. They have a playful streak and a patient personality. Don’t be fooled by their small size because these dogs are pretty sturdy. These dogs originated in Boston back in late 1800s as the result of crossbreeding English terriers and white bulldogs. For some, Boston terriers are America’s national dog as this is among the handful of breeds with US as their actual origin.  They also remind me of Frenchies in size and personality – a little bit cheeky but also very playful and are happy to play fetch… as long as it’s on their terms!

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs or ‘Frenchies’ are a fun dog in a small package.  Sure, they can tear around and play in the backyard like lunatics for hours, but they’re also very happy to hang out and enjoy cuddles on the sofa.


Keeshond is a fluffy family-friendly and attention-craving dog breed looking like a smaller version of a Husky or Samoyed. They usually look like they are smiling and even wearing glasses because of the different color of fur around their eyes. Keeshonds can adjust right away as a family member and are great playmates for children.


Despite their love for clowning around and human attention, pugs can also be gentle and low-key enough around kids. This breed is easy to care for although they are prone to health issues in excessively warm weather. You can prepare yourself for some snorting and snoring because of their short nose.


With good intelligence and an upbeat nature, Cavoodles are a great option for children, being both playful and cuddly. Being eager to please also makes them easy to train.  Like their parent, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, their traits are loving and being sweet natured.  Couple this along with their teddy bear looks it makes them an obvious candidate for a child.


Spoodles have a great temperament, being a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.  Being a medium sized breed, they’re large enough to bound around in the garden without getting too boisterous and knocking children over accidentally.  Easy to train and good looks makes it a popular choice for families.

Which dogs are good for calming kids with anxiety?

Some families choose to have a dog simply because they love them and it suits their home and lifestyle, whereas some families have a dog in their family to help calm a child’s anxiety or as an assistance or therapy dog.

For general anxiety calming, it’s obvious that calmer and more relaxed breeds are suited to be therapy dogs but there is no definitive list as to which breeds are best.

Here we list some of the most popular breeds that can often be found as anxiety reducing assistance or therapy dogs:

Greyhound (not usually from racing backgrounds though as they often have their own issues)



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Golden Retriever

Yorkshire Terrier



Border Collie



Do you have an assistance or therapy dog in your household for calming anxiety?  We’d love to hear your feedback – please send us a message.


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