5 Reasons Why Cockapoos Make Great Pets

The Cockapoo is the perfect companion dog for many families. Just ask someone who already owns one and you can expect to hear lots of positive things about these amazing dogs.

But, what makes Cockapoos so great? To enlighten you and help you with your decision making whether or not you should get one, here are the top reasons why we think Cockapoos make great pets.

1. They are Cute – As Simple as That!

Yes, it is not really wise to decide on the dog breed to get based on appearance alone. But seriously, Cockapoos are just so cute that you will find them hard to resist.

This combination of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle has a very adorable look that no pet owner can say no to. The great news is that their good looks when they are still puppies never disappear even after growing up into adults.

2. Are Cockapoos Friendly And Sociable?

A Cockapoo loves nothing else but spending time with their owners. It makes this breed the perfect choice for those who are looking for loyal companions that won’t get sick and tired of being around them.

Cockapoos also love to make friends, whether animals or people. The moment you see their happy face as they greet you at the door, you will realise why this is just the right breed to get.

3. Are There Different Types of Cockapoo?

Cockapoos also come in various colours and sizes so it is very easy to find your ideal match. There are Cockapoos that look more like Cocker Spaniel while in some cases, the heritage of the Poodle shines through brighter.

If you are searching for a new cute puppy, it is likely that you will see Cockapoos with various kinds of coat as well. In general, finding the one that best suits your taste and needs won’t be that hard although you shouldn’t be surprised if your chosen dog breeder can’t absolutely guarantee what kind of coat your dog will ultimately have.

4. Do Cockapoos Need Much Exercise?

Cockapoos don’t need long hours of exercise, unlike some dog breeds, which require you to give them lots of exercise on a daily basis. You can get away with being a little bit lazy with this breed. 

There is also no need for you to come up with an exercise routine, which makes the Cockapoo ideal for owners who lack the luxury of energy of time to take them for a walk outside and it is also easy for them to live inside an apartment which isn’t always possible with dogs of this size.

But still, it is recommended to take these dogs out twic a day to let them burn off a bit of their energy so they settle at night.

5. Are Cockapoos Hypoallergenic?

Cockapoos are often described as hypoallergenic dogs although this is not totally true. Low -allergy is probably a better description and these dogs have been shown to be more suitable for allergy sufferers when compared to other breeds.

This is because they shed less, which means that there are not much allergy-causing dead skin cells that can irritate some people with a sensitive condition.

Hopefully our 5 facts have given you some insight into the breed.  From our experience on pet photoshoots, Cockapoos have usually been well behaved for our photographers. Once they have got their initial excitement out of their system with a quick runaround they usually settle down to become calm quite quickly.

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