5 Reasons Why Labradoodles Make Great Family Pet Dogs

Labradoodles are intelligent, moderately active, and friendly dogs, much like their parent breeds.

For those who don’t know much about this dog, it’s a cross between a standard or miniature Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. 

However, you should take note that a designer dog like Labradoodle is a bit of a genetic wild card. Most breeders never fully know the physical characteristics or personality traits will surface.

But, what are the reasons why Labradoodles make good pet dogs for every family out there?

1. Are Labradoodles Easy to Train?

Since both Labradors and poodles are renowned for their intelligence, there is no doubt that a Labradoodle is highly trainable. These dogs are eager to learn and to keep their mischievous side at bay, training may come in handy.  Loving and energetic, who wouldn’t fall in love with an intelligent dog like a Labradoodle? But, is a Labradoodle a good pet dog?

2. Do Labradoodles Need Much Exercise?

There is no need for any fitness smartwatch if you have a Labradoodle by your side!

The majority of these dogs need lots of walks and space to run around. Due to this, they do not do well in the apartments.

These dogs are great to jog with, even if they still might like to stretch their legs off-leash once you are done. The more you exercise them, the less likely they are to be destructive and bored at home.

A Labradoodle requires stimulation and company. It is an intelligent dog packed into a teddy bear body and likes to play games, benefit from the mutual companionship, and go on adventures.

If you work long hours, you should enlist a trusted dog walker or pet sitter to help your Labradoodle get the attention they require.

3: Do Labradoodles Shed Fur?

Labradoodles can be a hypoallergenic dog sometimes. Many of them have poodle-inspired hair, which is a tightly curled coat that does not shed. Since these dogs shed less than many breeds, they are much easier on allergies and on furniture.

The types of coat that Labradoodles have basically range from looser curls, straight hair, wooly lamb-like coat or fleece coat. Whatever the coat type of your dog, it is guaranteed that it will require brushing and occasional trims to keep it fresh and healthy.

4: Are Labradoodles  Good Therapy Dogs?

The loyal, loving, and warm personality of Labradoodle makes them the best therapy dogs for those who have physical disabilities, autism, depression, and other issues that require assistance. Labradoodles are also known to make good guide dogs for the blind.

5: Are Labradoodles A Good Pet for Families With Children?

Labradoodles are wonderful with kids. They are gentle, loving, and oozing with energy.

As a family pet, a Labradoodle is perfect like the classic Labrador Retriever. As with all dogs, supervision and training are crucial.

Standard Labradoodles may get quite large so keep that in mind.

As with any breed of dogs, teach your kid on how to handle and approach dogs and supervise them when they are together. Young kids, particularly, sometimes engage in tail or ear pulling, which can upset dogs. Even the friendliest Labradoodle will react poorly to treatments like this.

Following several pet photography sessions with this breed and having done some research and spoken to owners, we think Labradoodles make great family dogs. This breed would make a great addition to a home with space and a family who have the time and enthusiasm to be active with it.

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