Choosing a family pet can be a lengthy process if you want to get it right.  It’s important to select a breed of dog that is going to fit in with your lifestyle and family.  Check out our list of dog breeds that we’ve encountered during our pet photography sessions and how we’ve found them to be.

In the meantime, we explore why Groodles make great family pets.


What is a Groodle?

A Groodle is a hybrid breed of dog, consisting of a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They are also sometimes known as Goldendoodles.

Their fur can either be curly or straight and similar to other dogs with a Poodle make up, they don’t usually shed or smell.


How big do Groodles get?

Often compared to teddy bears, they come in miniature, small and medium sizes which is dependent on the parent dogs.

A standard Groodle will stand at approximately 50 – 65cm in height, with a weight of between 27-45 kg.  As you can see this is quite a broad range, but so much is dependent on the parent.

Do Groodles make good family pets?

During our Melbourne pet photography sessions with Groodles we have always found them to be fun and friendly dogs, who are very close to their owners and always seem to be very obedient (maybe we’ve just been lucky to work with well trained dogs?!).

Both Golden Retrievers and Poodles are intelligent dogs so it stands to reason that the Groodle is too! Since they are intelligent, they do require a good amount of mental stimulation to stop them from becoming bored and destructive.  Living with children is good for Groodles as there is always someone to play with and keep them busy.

Similar to Spoodles, they have a reputation for being patient and tolerant in nature so are great pets for children. Groodles are energetic dogs so need a good amount of physical exercise to keep them happy and healthy, meaning that they probably suit younger and more active families who enjoy being outdoors and active.


Are Groodles easy to train?

Due to their high level of intelligence and willingness to please, Groodles are very easy to train compared to other dog breeds. As with all dogs, start the training from an early age and if you don’t know where to start, puppy school or professional dog training is usually best. Your vet is usually a good person for recommendations.


How much does a Groodle cost?

Well bred Groodles from reputable breeders in Australia are likely to cost between $4000 – $6000.

You may find cheaper dogs for sale, but in this instance they’re likely to have come from puppy farms or breeders who haven’t taken the proper care they should.

As with all dogs, we’d prefer that you tried to re-home or adopt a dog instead of buying a puppy.  Pet Rescue is a great first stop for finding pets that need a new home.


Where can I find recommended Groodle Breeders?

We don’t like to recommend dog breeders as this is such a contentious area with many shady characters in the business who create a bad name for everyone.  We suggest doing your own research using google reviews, forums and then making visits to several different breeders. It’s usually obvious which breeders are genuine and are doing it for the live of dogs and which ones are in it for the money alone.

Even those breeders with good reviews on google seem to have a few scathing reviews amongst the positive ones so take your time and be thorough.   Word of mouth is usually a reliable indicator of quality so get down to your local dog park or the dog beach at Sandringham, Mentone or Brighton and get chatting to some dog owners apart where their pet came from.

Both Pines Pets and Chrevromist Kennels are close to Melbourne, but have a mixture of positive and negative reviews on Google.


What health problems do Groodles have?

Groodles are prone to skin allergies and can develop rashes or develop hair loss. Preventative measures include regular bathing and flea treatment.

Volvulus and gastric dilatation or when the stomach becomes swollen with gas and the inability to vomit.  These issues can be quite serious if left untreated.  It’s recommended that small meals are given over the course of the day instead of one large one to help avoid the bloating.


How long do Groodles live for?

Groodles usually live for between 12 – 15 years.


We hope our short article on Groodles has been useful in helping you decide whether a Groodle is the best choice of dog for you.  If you do get yourself a Groodle as a pet, we’d love to photograph it for you. Mention this article for a 10% discount on usual pet photography prices.

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