What Do People Love About Owning an English Staffie?

The English Staffie (sometimes also spelled as Staffy), or Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is an impulsive, energetic and rugged dog breed. Their motto might be something along the lines of ‘Why walk if you can play games and run all day?!’

Even though they were originally created in Britain back in the 19th century to be a fast fighting small dog, these days are long gone.

The breed of Staffordshire Bull Terrier today has become a very fine companion pet,  best loved and known for their intelligence, courage and undeniable love towards children.

Although of smaller stature, the English Staffie can be somewhat an imposing dog, with its intense stare, strong and muscular body and powerful stance.

Some  people take keen interest in this breed since this looks like a pretty tough dog, only to be surprised to find out that the Staffie is actually a very loving and sensitive companion who would rather play instead of being tough. These dogs see life as one playful adventure and they definitely make sure that they live life to it’s fullest!

Many owners love and appreciate the Staffordshire Bull Terrier for the small to medium size, easy care short coat and the dynamic but very gentle personality.

With the dog’s broad and short head and muscular body, these dogs resemble other bull breeds like the American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers. However, upon further inspection you’ll discover that they are a breed to themselves with their unique physical characteristics which set them apart, such as their size and shape of their ear.

The Staffie is also well known for their trustworthy nature and love of people. Often, their biggest desire is to spend more time with their humans, whether it means having to stay on the sofa and watch football, go for walks, run errands in the car or participate in activities. This breed should not be left at home or outside alone for long periods of time with no human companionship.  If they have company, they’re happy!

Make sure that you give this energetic and athletic dog a vigorous daily walk plus lots of attention during downtime. They don’t like to be left alone to their own devices. 

A good family dog, the Staffie are also prized for their love of and patience with children even though it goes without saying that you must never leave a dog alone with young kids or expect them to double as your baby sitter!

Staffies are not always friendly with dogs they don’t know, which is a remnant of their origin of being a fighting breed where they need to be aggressive towards other dogs yet gentle with their human handlers, so caution is advised when out for a walk. 

For dog lovers who are looking for a dog with a sensitive nature and is willing to give them patience and firm leadership, the Staffie is no doubt among the best family dogs you can choose.

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