Photographing My Dog – When to Bring in a Professional

Ah, dogs. They fill our days with thrills, spills, fun and fur.  They enrich life with so much, but sadly, are only around for a short part of it.

Who wouldn’t want to spend every hour taking hundreds of photos of our fuzzy companions?  They deserve it after all!

However, you can snap away all you like, but you might not have the skill to truly capture your pet’s unique personality.  If that’s the case, then it’s worth investing in a professional pet photographer to realise all of the important moments of your pet’s life.  Thats where the Pupparazzi can help!

Here we identify some key stages to capture:
Puppy shots are particularly important. They grow up so quickly, and it’s important to remember how tiny they once were. Puppy photos come with an infinite number of creative possibilities.

Use props to demonstrate how small they actually are – fit them in a shoe, pocket or salad bowl.

Puppies are particularly easy to work with where professionals are concerned, and the results will melt your heart!
As dogs grow, they begin to develop a host of fascinating quirks, habits and favourite activities.

How about getting a professional in to best realise these developing character traits? Does your dog have a special action or pastime? Photograph him playing Frisbee or catch.

Get him at the beach or in the park. Experienced pet photographers have the skills to capture memorable action shots – running and jumping, for instance.  Having photographed hundreds of dogs in Melbourne over the years we know some great tricks and locations for helping your photoshoot run perfectly.

They also have the ability to hold your dog’s attention for long enough to snap their beautiful features. Eye-level detailed photos of your dog’s eyes and whiskers are very affecting, especially when enlarged on canvas.
Get in on the action by incorporating yourself into some photographs. Is there a particular hobby you and your pet enjoy together?

Great images include napping together or reading on the couch. It’s also a good idea to get your children involved if you have them.
As your pet gets older, go for stationary portraits. Hone in on their dignified facial characteristics and greying whiskers. Juxtapose your dog with a decorated interior space.

Chairs and rugs make for great props. These images will work well in an album that documents your dog’s lifespan, and will preserve his exceptional spirit for years to come.

Whatever stage in their life your pet is at, we would love to photograph them and capture some precious memories for you to treasure!  Our Melbourne pet photography sessions start at just $99!

We hope you find the Pupparazzi Pet Photography Tips useful!

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