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Sometimes I find that Pet photography sessions with elderly or sick dogs can be tinged with sadness, especially if the dog is not able to be as active as they used to be or I know that they will perhaps be crossing the rainbow bridge in the not too distant future.

Fortunately, our session with Zoe the Pointer was nothing of the sort and although Zoe was sick she was still energetic and had a great appetite for treats!

Even though Pupparazzi pet photography shoots are usually all about the dog, owners Paige and Matt got in on the act for some family portraits to round off the session – check them out below.




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Wrinkles? Check

A bit of slobber? Check

Cuddly? Check

It sounds like an English Bulldog to me!  We met Daisy a while ago now, but have only just got around to posting the photos – we’re always too busy out having fun photographing dogs instead of doing the admin stuff that you’re apparently meant to do to keep a successful pet photography business running!

7 year old Daisy has a beautiful temperament, and her adoring owner Claudia will do absolutely anything for her. If you don’t believe me, check out her tattoo! That’s dedication!

We met Daisy and Claudia at Gasworks Part in Port Melbourne, which is one of our preferred locations for pet photography sessions due to it’s great locations, dog-friendly off-leash rules and the generally relaxed feel that the dogs and their owners have there. Not all dog parks are equal!




How Much Does Pet Photography Cost? Contact the Pupparazzi! Read Client Reviews Cute Photos of Dogs More Pet Photography

We were delighted to meet Charlie the Toy Poodle for her pet photography session in Melbourne recently.

At only a year old, she is still full of energy and bounced around for most of the session – at times, taking the photographer to a few locations they hadn’t initially planned on.  Apologies to the gardener for the flattened purple plants!

With such a young dog to photograph, it was probably a good thing that we shot this one in her own space where she was contained.  Older, well trained dogs are great in open spaces, but often younger dogs who are yet to calm down are often better photographed in their backyard or local dog park.

Charlie loves playing with her tennis ball so that was great for attracting her attention, but is also a fan of bubbles so they also helped to keep her interest too.

Take a look at the photos of Charlie below.  If you have a young dog that you would like to photograph before they get much larger then please get in touch using the contact button above or below to book your dog portrait session. We look forward to hearing from you!


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I have always enjoyed the work of Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, who seemed to always be able to incorporate a dog into one his photos.

He wasn’t exactly a dog photographer, but dogs were definitely one of his preferred muses and probably his strongest area of work.

As a pet photographer, I really should have been aware of more dog photographers, but Erwitt was always the one that sprang to mind.

Until recently he was probably the only famous dog photographer I could name off the top of my head.

That was until I was introduced to the work of William Wegman, a New York based photographer who’s work usually features a now familiar looking Weimaraner.

Wegman’s work is studio based and usually features a Weimaraner posed in action with a large object or piece of furniture, or dressed in some human clothing such as a trilby hat or overcoat.

While very posed and meticulously planned, his works are always captivating and often have an element of humour to them, whether it’s from the dogs expressions or through the absurd choice of clothing.  Absurd probably isn’t the right word to use since many of the dogs seem to actually suit the clothes they are wearing!  Or maybe the clothes suit them?!

Melbourne dog lovers will be able to enjoy William Wegman’s work up close when his Being Human exhibition arrives at the NGV, Melbourne in December 2018.

The exhibition will be on show until March 2019 and open between 10am – 5pm daily.

We look forward to seeing all the other Melbourne pet photographers and dog lovers there!


How Much Does Pet Photography Cost? Contact the Pupparazzi! Read Client Reviews Cute Photos of Dogs More Pet Photography