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How did I not know that White German Shepherds exist?

I know all sorts of useless information about things I really don’t need to know about, but this type of dog had completely passed me by!

Until that is, Heidi’s owners Steph & Aaron booked in a pet photography session at the beach and I started my re-education.

We started away from the water so that we had a clean white dog for at least some of the photos!

With plenty of energy and the usual love of tennis balls, Heidi didn’t stay dry for long once we got near the water. As always, it’s good to hear what you think of the photos so please feel free to leave comments below.

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The Pupparazzi love a Cavoodle, so it was a great pleasure to photograph Lucia, a 3 month old black Cavoodle this week in Caulfield.

As you can imagine, she is literally bouncing with enthusiasm and loves to meet people.

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Andrea is one of those secret squirrel types who plans ahead and organises birthday presents well in advance of the event.   I could probably learn from her…

So, for Shane’s 30th birthday, Andrea organised for the Pupparazzi to pop over to Shane’s place to photograph his beloved French Bulldog Lilly, while he was at work.

Lilly cannot wait for Shane to return home every day and watches for him longingly out of the window so we grabbed a few frames of that cuteness, before moving onto the park for some action photos.  Once home, she was ready for a lay down so we also got some pretty cute shots of her getting cosy under the doona.


It was pretty fun being sneaky, especially knowing that Lilly would have been trying to snitch on us later! Happy Birthday Shane!

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We’ve all seen them.  You know the ones I mean.

The dogs that scamper along looking adorable and all you want to do is scoop them up and cuddle and nuzzle them until the owner starts whacking you with an umbrella so that put their pooch down. Or the police arrive.  Fortunately my local officers are an understanding bunch.

My local police officers should probably increase patrols in my area as Zach is virtually a neighbour of mine.  I have the exciting possibility of bumping into him each time I take a stroll in my ‘hood. He’s evaded me so far since our photography session, but the scoop and cuddle can come when one least expects it so watch out little fella….

While you won’t get to enjoy your own squeeze of this gorgeous Beagle, you’re more than welcome to drool over some photos, but please check your shirtfront before leaving the house!

Check out his little sad face at the end of the shoot once the lead is back on and he realises that he is going home. So cute!


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In my repertoire of strange noises to attract a dogs attention, I now have a crying baby. Yes, a crying baby.

Winston the French Bulldog doesn’t respond to your usual cutesy noises or names that often work with getting their attention, he wants small humans. Fresh ones.

Had I known of his considerable interest in small people I might have avoided using the home of several children as a location! As you can probably guess, he was on the lookout for them, and if he couldn’t see them he was searching them out with his face firmly pressed to the window. Naturally, a middle aged pet photographer wasn’t going to be of much interest to him!

When he could no longer hear or smell the little people, his interest in the little people finally waned and Winston started to co-operate a little more. That said, I’m not sure having his photo is top of his to-do list – his Saturday mornings are definitely for brunch and being social!


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