Crumpet & Dash


Winning stuff for yourself is great but winning a pet photoshoot for your dog is even better!

We were delighted to meet with Sonia recently who was lucky enough to win a national competition run by the flea and worm control product Sentinel, with the prize being a Pupparazzi photoshoot plus some fabulous acrylic and canvas artworks for her wall.

With two slightly nervous but friendly greyhounds, Crumpet & Dash, we opted for a park setting away from major roads and playgrounds so we weren’t bothered by errant toddlers or traffic noise. The wetlands and historic workshops of Pipemakers Park were perfect backdrops for our needs and the dogs had a great time exploring somewhere new that wasn’t too intimidating or crowded.

Whilst Crumpet was initially wary of both me and my camera, she warmed up quickly and relaxed into the session. After an hour exploring Pipemakers Park, we’d captured a bounty of great photos that were going to be perfect for large format printing and…the dogs were ready for their next snooze!

So, next time you see a competition to win a prize for your dog, make sure you enter it – you never know your luck!



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