I’ve only ever crashed a party uninvited once before. It was when I was living in London and my flatmates and I were enjoying a few snifters on a Saturday evening on the third floor of our building. As the evening wore on, we spied a house party across the street in the opposite building. It was almost an invitation. Almost.

So, drinks in hand we wandered across the road and made our entrance to a rather cosy flat that was rammed with people we didn’t know. We had a few chats with random guests, clinked glasses with some others, grinned like idiots at each other and then went home. At the time, it seemed like the funniest thing in the world.

Now, I don’t get many crashers on my shoots, but occasionally you get a random passing dog who just steals the show and stands between the camera and the dog I’m supposed to be photographing.
Bandit was THAT dog! It was during a shoot with Abby & MacKenzie at the Sandringham dog beach and Bandit took a fancy to the squeaky toy belonging to Abby, a Border Collie and MacKenzie, a Golden Retriever.

Fortunately we had shot most of what we needed so Bandit’s interruption wasn’t a problem – it was more like the entertainment had arrived! Handsome entertainment at that!

Now, I’m keen to track down Bandit’s owners so I can send them a photo or two – they might as well enjoy them rather than them sitting on the Pupparazzi hard drive! Can you help? Do you recognise this handsome hound? If so, please CONTACT ME or leave a comment on the facebook page.


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