Preparing Your Home for a Puppy Photoshoot

If you’ve already booked your pet photography session with the Pupparazzi, you may be wondering what you can do to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

New puppy owners often want snaps of their new furry companion, and it’s typically not an issue for young dogs to be photographed. Australian dog breeders recommend socialising your puppy starting at an early age, and exposing them to new people and experiences is a vital part of raising them and caring for them.

The Pupparazzi will do everything possible to make your pup feel comfortable, but you can also prepare beforehand so that your home and your dog are ready.



Set Up the Space

First up is the room where we’ll have your photoshoot. Arrange the space how you’d like it to look for the photoshoot beforehand, so that you don’t have to worry about it on the day itself. It’s also good to have puppy supplies within easy reach in the room – water, food in a sealed container, cleaning supplies and some treats. This will save you some time going back and forth if your puppy needs anything.

We also find that a fenced backyard is a good place for your puppy photoshoot. The open area and familiarity of the space means your puppy is more likely to be at ease, and we don’t have to worry about them running off. If you don’t have a backyard or you live in an apartment, we can try nearby dog parks or other shared spaces if your puppy is vaccinated and cleared to walk on the ground. We’re more than happy to try out several different rooms or locations within the session time to get the ‘look’ that you want for your photos.

Natural Light is Good Light

Light is key for any good photograph. You likely don’t have dedicated studio lighting in your home, but all is not lost. For great photos of your pup, pick a room in your house that has a large window that lets in lots of natural light. This natural light is one of the best ways to play up your dog’s features, particularly their eyes. If we’re shooting outdoors, a slightly cloudy day gives a wonderful soft light that is very flattering.

Take Away Distractions

Getting your puppy to cooperate is easiest when they’re in a room that doesn’t have their food, potty area or other animals. Your dog has finely tuned senses and can probably smell or spot food and housemates from farther away than you think. If they’re looking around for opportunities to play, they’re less likely to be attentive when it’s time to take some pictures.

Choose the Right Time

Puppies have a lot of energy and they need to be exercised regularly. It is best to choose a time for the photoshoot when your puppy is likely to be tired from a walk or playtime. They’ll still be excited when the Pupparazzi arrive – we’re very excited to see them too! But after a couple of minutes for introductions, they should settle down and be ready to get to business.

Pick Out Some Props

At 8 to 12 weeks old, puppies are still pretty small. While we love close-up photos of their adorable little faces, for the most memorable pictures we recommend that you introduce some props into the mix. Their favourite blanket, bed or stuffed toy can help fill in the space and provide them some comfort at the same time.

Have treats on Hand

We try not to make use of too many treats to catch your puppy’s attention, but bribery can be useful if your pooch is too distracted by the equipment or from meeting new people. We all know that puppies are more likely to cooperate if they know there’s a treat in it for them! Keep some of their favourite treats close by so you can give them one as a reward for posing nicely.

While it’s not mandatory to follow everything we just mentioned, it’s still useful to keep in mind so that you can focus on having fun with your puppy during the photoshoot. Your dog picks up on how to behave based on your emotions; if you’re calm and relaxed, they will be too.

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