Are you searching for the best pet photographer in Melbourne?

Who is the best pet photographer in Melbourne?!

At Pupparazzi HQ, we’re not too keen on big-noting ourselves like we’ve just done in the headline above, but on this occasion we think we’re justified in talking ourselves up a bit!

This follows some research we conducted recently to check out what all the other pet photographers in Melbourne were up to and what they were charging for their services.

Well, I can tell you there were a few open mouths when the price lists from other studios were analysed.

Pupparazzi offer, what we consider to be a reasonably priced photography service for pets across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

We seem to nestle somewhere in the middle ground between the very cheap photographers who appear to be shooting on rusty box brownies and charging accordingly (ie. very little!) and the top end of the pricing spectrum where some of the large studio fronted businesses reside.

Yes, they have beautiful locations for their studios, and naturally you receive a complimentary coffee on arrival, but…. HOW MUCH???!!!! Wowsers!

Well, if you like a pet photo against a plain old white background then come on over and we’ll throw up the lights and white backdrop but to be honest, the pet version of a passport photo has never excited us!

Lets venture out into the great outdoors (or even your backyard) and make use of the colours around us, whether it’s a fabulous red brick wall or the greenery of your local park.

By the time we have used our professional L type Canon lenses and pro cameras those backgrounds are going to look ace!

That’s where we like to think we’re different. Very different. We offer a pet photography service starting at just $99 (and that includes a FREE print too!), with the most popular of our four packages coming in at under $500.

Yes, that still sounds a lot, but one should consider that you receive all the high resolution files to print and share at your leisure – no restrictions, no huge price tag and no funny business!

Do you want to make your own coffee table book full of your favourite dog photos? Go ahead! Found an online canvas maker that produces super cheap wall canvasses of your dog – be our guest!

In fact, if you’d like recommendations of quality suppliers then please ask us as we are always happy to share the trade secrets with our clients!

So, if you’re considering booking a pet photography session for your beloved four legged friend then take a good look at the prices before booking, and if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

Equally, if a website isn’t even displaying its prices you have to wonder what they have to hide and at which point in the process they’re going to try stinging you for $1000 or more!

Pupparazzi are guaranteed gimmick free – just good old fashioned pet photography and quality customer service to go with it!

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