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We were delighted to meet Charlie the Toy Poodle for her pet photography session in Melbourne recently.

At only a year old, she is still full of energy and bounced around for most of the session – at times, taking the photographer to a few locations they hadn’t initially planned on.  Apologies to the gardener for the flattened purple plants!

With such a young dog to photograph, it was probably a good thing that we shot this one in her own space where she was contained.  Older, well trained dogs are great in open spaces, but often younger dogs who are yet to calm down are often better photographed in their backyard or local dog park.

Charlie loves playing with her tennis ball so that was great for attracting her attention, but is also a fan of bubbles so they also helped to keep her interest too.

Take a look at the photos of Charlie below.  If you have a young dog that you would like to photograph before they get much larger then please get in touch using the contact button above or below to book your dog portrait session. We look forward to hearing from you!


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