Wrinkles? Check

A bit of slobber? Check

Cuddly? Check

It sounds like an English Bulldog to me!  We met Daisy a while ago now, but have only just got around to posting the photos – we’re always too busy out having fun photographing dogs instead of doing the admin stuff that you’re apparently meant to do to keep a successful pet photography business running!

7 year old Daisy has a beautiful temperament, and her adoring owner Claudia will do absolutely anything for her. If you don’t believe me, check out her tattoo! That’s dedication!

We met Daisy and Claudia at Gasworks Part in Port Melbourne, which is one of our preferred locations for pet photography sessions due to it’s great locations, dog-friendly off-leash rules and the generally relaxed feel that the dogs and their owners have there. Not all dog parks are equal!



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