Pupparazzi is now a registered trademark!

Is Pupparazzi a registered trademark in Australia?

Yes, Pupparazzi is a registered trademark in Australia.

What class of trademark is Pupparazzi registered under in Australia?

Pupparazzi is registered and protected under Goods and Services Class 41 – Photography.

Can I use the name Pupparazzi or Puparazzi as a name for my own photography business?

No, you are unable to use the name Pupparazzi, Puparazzi or a similar sounding word for your photography business in Australia.  We take trademark infringement seriously and act to stop use of the word in relation to photography services in Australia.

pupparazzi trademark australia

Don’t forget folks, WE are the Pupparazzi – anyone else is a pet photographer wannabe (and infringing our newly minted TM!).  Our dog loving lawyers are watching!

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