What are the Basics of Dog Grooming?

To help you prepare your dog for your pet photography session, we list some of the the basics of dog grooming:

Hair Brushing:
Brushing your dog’s hair will strengthen their coat. Long-haired dogs need daily brushing. Medium-haired dogs should be brushed at least weekly. Short-haired dogs should be brushed at least once a month. No matter what hair type, it is best to brush your dog frequently to avoid excess hair build up in shedding season.

Nail Trimming:
Most dogs need nail trimming done once a month. It can be painful for your dog if not done correctly. Take your dog to a veterinarian or a grooming specialist to learn from the best in using nail clippers so your pet does not have to suffer and discomfort.

Dog’s should be bathed at least once a month, if not more. Always use a soap-free shampoo that is made for dogs. A shampoo may be recommended by your vet, depending on the condition of your dog’s type of skin and coat. Make sure to clean out your dog’s ears as well.

This is best left to professional groomers, however, as an owner, you can learn some basic grooming hair cutting techniques. Consider a local dog grooming school if you are interested. How often you cut your dog’s hair depends on the breed of dog. Dog’s with hair that continuously grow need their hair cut every 2 to 4 weeks. We love to recommend K9 Cutters in Sandringham to all our clients.

Buying Grooming Supplies
Wondering which are the best supplies for grooming your dog? Here are some basic doggie supplies for grooming:
*Nail clippers
*Dog comb and brush
*Dental chews and a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste
*Specialist dog ear cleaner if bathing alone is not enough

The best places to find top notch grooming supplies are at a professional dog grooming stylist. There are plenty around Melbourne and they will almost certainly stock grooming products for your dog, especially in large shopping centres such as Westfield’s Southland in Cheltenham.

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