Tips On How To Prepare For A Melbourne Pet Photography Session

Once you’ve scheduled your dog for a pet photography session, there are several things you can do to prepare. The main thing that you should keep in mind is that it’s a fun time and a good memory of the love you give and have for your pets.

You have to take note that pets react to your energy. If they see you excited, they’ll also be excited. But since you are preparing your pet for a photography session, you have to keep calm as this is the best state for relaxed and happy pets. We’ve photographed a lot of pets before. Being pet lovers, we know some tricks that will help us capture the special moments of your pets. To prepare, you have to keep all these things in mind:

  • Grooming

It’s always a good idea to do three to five days before the session. You can use the same groomer you always used. If your pet requires little grooming attention the day of that, it’s also fine, yet it is perfect to have styles done prior to the pet photography session so it has several days to grow out. It applies obviously to the dogs who get groomed regularly.

  • Leashes

If you plan to take photos of your pets outdoors, make sure that you are prepared and have leashes. If your pets can control off leash, you can quickly remove it once we are in the location. But, if you have some doubts, leashes can be removed easily from the final photo at no charge.

  • Food

It’s a good thing that your dog to be a bit hungry for the photography session. This helps the pet to pay attention to the foods or treats if we’ll use them. So, make sure to bring some treats, especially the favorites of your pets.

Other Tips to Remember

If your dog has special needs or anxieties, always let your photographer ahead of time. This should be days before the pet photography session. If you dog tends to experience anxiety around some dogs or traffic noises make your pet nervous, ensure that your photographer know about all such things. Through this, they can quickly set up the session in a location where your pet is comfortable and won’t experience anxiety. This will also make the session fun and full of enjoyment, which can be the best moment to take some photos of your lovable pet.

If you’re going to join to a photography session and have photos taken with your cute best friend, it is never a bad idea to have an attire that would complement your pet’s colour. You can also pick clothing that has unique designs. The best choices for your clothing are the plain ones and those that don’t have any logos. If you have other concerns before the session, you can always ask or let your photographers know for them to give you the best photo session experience.

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