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We’ve all seen them.  You know the ones I mean.

The dogs that scamper along looking adorable and all you want to do is scoop them up and cuddle and nuzzle them until the owner starts whacking you with an umbrella so that put their pooch down. Or the police arrive.  Fortunately my local officers are an understanding bunch.

My local police officers should probably increase patrols in my area as Zach is virtually a neighbour of mine.  I have the exciting possibility of bumping into him each time I take a stroll in my ‘hood. He’s evaded me so far since our photography session, but the scoop and cuddle can come when one least expects it so watch out little fella….

While you won’t get to enjoy your own squeeze of this gorgeous Beagle, you’re more than welcome to drool over some photos, but please check your shirtfront before leaving the house!

Check out his little sad face at the end of the shoot once the lead is back on and he realises that he is going home. So cute!


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